Phosphorus is an integral part of organic structural growth and well-being. Both plants and humans use Phosphorus as a vital micronutrient for growth and regeneration. Hair, as we all know, are basically protein filaments, and phosphorus is an essential part of protein. Their relationship determines the strength and appearance of organic structures. A hair oil with Phosphorus as an active ingredient works in more ways than one. It supplements hair roots with essential micronutrients for better hair quality and growth; secondly, volatility of active ingredients make follicles free from bacteria for healthy hair growth; and third, it aids cellular growth in general to help hair and follicles stay in a healthy state.

How to use hair growth oil

Take the required amount of Smoke Therapy Hair Growth Oil in your palms and gently massage your scalp with it. Use gentle circular motions to allow the oil to absorb completely.

Smoke Therapy Hair Growth Oil


  • Makes hair healthy and improves hair quality
  • Provides protection against hair damage caused by pollution and chemicals
  • Frees follicles from bacteria for healthy hair growth
  • Improves moisture, luster, and shine of the hair
  • Revitalises hair tissues and tames frizz

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