A major function of Bhasvar (Phosphorus) in the human body is regulating the processing of various sugars (carbs) and disposal of toxic waste. When combined with certain other herbs, it shrinks the stubborn fat deposits just under the skin. Basically, it melts the deposited fat for easy flushing out from the body. This ayurvedic remedy relies on the body to melt its own fat by activating the process of natural weight loss. Also, phosphorus supplementation in a weight reducing program was found to increase resting metabolic rate of obese subjects.

How to Use Slimming Oil

Pour at least 5 ml on your stomach (or thighs, upper and lower back, shoulders, upper arms,etc.) and palms and massage thoroughly for 10 minutes till the skin absorbs the oil completely.

Smoke Therapy Instant Slimming Oil


  • Melts deposited fat and helps flush it out
  • Regulates blood flow under the skin for waste disposal
  • Stimulates lymphatic flow to detox the body
  • Activates cells for energy usage leading to less fat deposition
  • Increases resting metabolic rate

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